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Update 1 January 2024

Now entering our 30th year!

Round about mid-August 1994, I set up this site. I still believe it was the first Egyptology site on the net, and certainly it is the only page from that era still operating. So I'm still very happy! The site is not as important as it once was, as there are so many other options available, but I'm proud of what it has achieved...

For technical reasons, some pages of this site, those with queriable databases, are still non-functional. Other technical difficulties with updating mean that the pages are not always changing as fast as I would want, for which I apologise. We are working to get solutions for these as soon as possible and thank you for your patience.

PDF bibliography direct link (updated 23 October 2023)

This page is set up with the kind assistance of the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge to provide a World Wide Web resource for Egyptological information. The pages are not a publication of the Fitzwilliam, and all matters concerning them should be sent to Nigel Strudwick.


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