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Updated 15 January 2023 (Links checked and updated November 2020)

  • Collections of online resources
  • Bibliography
  • Major digitised publications
  • Object, excavation, text, photo databases
  • Maps
  • Language resources
  • Writing hieroglyphs
  • Student databases, resources
  • Cultural Studies
  • Directories, mailing lists etc

Inclusion of a volume here is based on its importance, and I cannot always vouch for the quality of usability of the digitised version.

These items are also linked in to the list of online PDF files at Egyptology Resources.

A larger number of older publications are available via the Ancient World Digital Library (ISAW New York):

The EEF list also has a list of some digitized publications:

Many of the publications of the Oriental Institute in Chicago are now available for download. I flag in particular two otherwise very hard to obtain books:

A list of Chicago publications on Egypt (print and download) may be found at

There are also others of which I cannot confirm the legality. I give the following references without liability!


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