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Update 21 November 2016

I would ask you to be kind enough to consider the following if you are about to make a request for information. Ignore it if you are passing me news or submissions to the Bulletin Board of course! if you are wanting to submit material to the site, please read these guidelines on the format of material.

Requests for information

I receive a lot of requests for information relating to Egyptology--it doesn't surprise me, as I have set myself up with a fairly high net presence. However, the nature of many of these requests is such that I can't answer them. E.g. 'Please send me all information about xxxxx'. In particular, students should be encouraged to do their own research rather than hoping for someone else to do it for them. Please remember that I have a job to do, and answering queries about Egyptology is something I can only spend a little time doing.

Another thing which is happening is that people, particularly children, are sending me questions without putting their real names on it. I think this very rude, and I expect that if I am to give my time to answer a question or two, the sender can at least tell me who they are. So please, give your name and not an email nickname--this is not a a chat room where there are perhaps better reasons for remaining anonymous.

I can't offer information about Web sites on particular aspects of Egyptology. Please refer to other Internet sources mentioned on the Egyptology Resources pages.

Do have a look at the site FAQ page in case it can deal with your answers

I will still try and respond to requests for information which I can answer in 2/3 lines, or which particularly interest me, if I have the time.

Bearing these things in mind, email me at ncs3 [at]

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