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Technical difficulties with updating mean that the pages are not always changing as fast as I would want, for which I apologise. We are working to get solutions for these as soon as possible and thank you for your patience.

A major source for all announcements is EEF News. This link leads to the current London Diary for the Ancient Near East

I shall try and avoid excessive duplication of information.

There are now so many exhibitions around and lectures being given that it is not possible to note them all. Readers are urged to look at mailing lists, in particular the EEF list. Lectures are included in the Google calendar below.


A lecture and event Google calendar

A new and very interesting initiative by Marissa Lopez in 2017 was to try and add in as many Egyptology events around the world, in their correct time zones, as possible. I have embedded this into the Egyptology Resources web site because it is useful!

The stand-alone URL for the calendar if you want it is linked here.



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