Updated 19 November 2020

Further information as to fieldwork projects to be included would be appreciated. My main criterion for inclusion is that the dig should be trying to present a site dedicated to the work in question, with photos and some structure. I generally don't include a single page which includes brief reports.

I would urge colleagues to keep me informed of URL changes. Nothing is more off-putting to the reader than a link which doesn't work!

I am often asked about how one gets onto a dig in Egypt. This is generally very difficult; please look at the FAQ page on this site for some links, and also some notes as to why this is not easy.

  • Alexandria and surroundings
  • Delta
  • Sinai
  • Oases
  • Fayum area
  • Cairo area
  • Abu Roasch & Giza
  • Memphis
  • Saqqara & Dahshur
  • Middle Egypt
  • Northern Upper Egypt
  • Thebes
  • Southern Upper Egypt
  • Red Sea area and Eastern Desert
  • The Sudan

Cairo area

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