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Last update 26 March 2019

Personal sites are a mixture of types. Some are personal projects which provide reliable and useful information not easily available elsewhere on the web. Others contain links to useful resources and favourite links, and others may contain good images. The reader will have to judge for themselves, and while I believe them to be essentially reliable, I can of course take no responsibility for anything on the pages of others. There has also been an explosion in the ability of individuals and indeed institutions to create their own diaries, stories, whatever, known as web-logs. [I refuse to use the horrible word 'blog'.] There are also many photo-sharing sites now. And of course there are 'social media'. You'll find them here.

These links do have a tendency to change or become invalid, so please keep me informed Doing my May 2013 update, I was shocked at how many are dead; perhaps people are moving to closed sites like Facebook, etx. Links to sites which stop working will be removed. As far as possible I will use real names if I can find them out; for the photo pages, I will try and give some specific information. For personal photos of Egypt, readers should also now try Google Earth, which has links to photos marked on the satellite images.

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Notes, abbreviations

Sites are in English unless indicated: A Arabic, F French, S Spanish, G German, I Italian, D Danish, N Dutch, H Hungarian, P Polish, C Catalan. A site which has more than one language is indicated by / separating the languages (E is here English). I think it is highly important that there are pages on the web in languages other than English!

Linked sites are mostly listed in alphabetical order by name of owner to avoid appearing to pass judgement on any one site. Non-working links are marked * --if you know the new location please inform me. Those which have been inactive 6 months will be deleted.

Facebook sites with a predominance of Egyptian material exist. The problem with Facebook is that you have usually to belong to it to be able to see much of the material. I do NOT attempt to give a list of Egyptologists on Facebook. Note that these pages are not necessarily the product of the named institution, and are just a personal selection.

A fuller list of Facebook resources will be found on the web site of Keith Payne.

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