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Acquisitions 1995-2003

These pages have been made available on the Newton server since 1995 to present the acqusitions lists of the Wilbour Library of Egyptology to as wide an audience as possible.

News July 2005

The Wilbour Library of Egyptology of the Brooklyn Museum has added Reviews of Egyptological Literature to the Research page of the Library Online Catalog. Go to:


Continuing the reviews that were previously contributed to BES, this list covers the years 2000 to 2004 and will be updated annually.

Important news November 2004

After extensive renovation, the Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives are reopened to advanced researchers. These resources, which include the Wilbour Library of Egyptology, serve the needs of graduate students, scholars and others who have conducted preliminary research elsewhere. Those who wish to use the Libraries and Archives are asked to consult the Library’s online catalog available on the Museum’s website under Museum Information - Research & Online archive at:


To inquire about making an appointment please send an email to:


In addition to books and periodicals, all pamphlets and offprints on Ancient Egypt are fully cataloged and represented in the online catalog. These publications are an important resource to the Egyptological research community. We invite scholars to send us pamphlets and offprints documenting their recent contributions to the literature on Ancient Egypt which will be added to the Wilbour Library of Egyptology collection.

Please note that new acquisition lists for the Wilbour Library of Egyptology are available on the front page of the online catalog. *New Book List* offers new acquisition titles on a monthly basis and annual lists are available via PDF files.

Deirdre E. Lawrence
Principal Librarian/Coordinator of Research Services
The Brooklyn Museum

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Historical note:

This page was set up in 1995 with the help of the Wilbour Librarian of that time, Diane Bergman.