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Update 1 January 2014

Egyptology Resources ‘News and Gossip” is changing.

When Egyptology Resources brought Egyptology to the internet in 1994, the 'News and Gossip' page was a great attraction. Over the years it has gradually become less important than it once was, with loads of other web-logs and news pages, and now the advent of Facebook and other social media. The editing it has required has needed more time than has often been available, and in consequence, I haven’t been able to cover more than a handful of stories out of the torrent which the internet now brings.

So the time has come to change it completely. From 1 January 2014, the old formats are going, to be replaced by a Facebook page of the same name, which, because it is a page, is accessible to anyone and not just those who use Facebook. The Facebook feed will appear on the home page of Egyptology Resources, and I can easily and quickly share the wide range of posts which I see on other pages, and add any items of my own or which others request posting. This way I can still continue to provide a flow of news while also evaluating the reliability and importance of the sources.

Articles will inevitably mix stories about both ancient and modern Egypt.

Thanks for your interest in the old format, and I hope this will allow this 'venerable institution' to continue.

Old news will remain available in the places it always has been:


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News and Gossip

News and Gossip
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