The Bears

Helen and I have somehow over the years amassed more than seventy bears. We don't consciously collect them; they seem to collect us.

Follow this link for a small database of the bears (now out of date).

In January 2001 Helen went to Egypt to work with a film company, and she took Idris (the small white bear in this photo) with her. The rest of the gang were extremely jealous, but above you see some of them listening to Idris while he explains the temple of Karnak to them with the aid of a map. Now we try and take one or two on each trip abroad; here for example are some of them on the beach in Kauai in 2007.

As they've travelled quite a bit,they insisted on having their own pages showing their travels. The most recent update is March 2011.

There used to be a company in Munich who offer bears a week's holiday in the city for a mere 99 Euros. Their web site now seems to have disappeared.

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